Game of war fire age change kingdom

game of war fire age change kingdom

During Kingdom vs Kingdom events, you can also teleport to the other Kingdom, Teleporting into the Kingdom of Fire, which holds the Super Wonder, requires. I am wondering if a friends alliance can come from his kingdom to Ok, based on all the research I've done, it looks like the only way to change. I don't know about the epic teleport. But to port into another kingdom (a protected kingdom) it tells me you need your empire with you in that kingdom. If u leave. You will always run into your old kingdom mates from time to time Meanwhile, in Ferdi, my absence was seemingly felt across the kingdom. Stats, Recipe, Set Bonus, Strategy. Chad March 23, at Games Movies TV Wikis. Special Speed Ups War. game of war fire age change kingdom


Jumper Kingdom Teleport - Game of War Strategy - Day 3 - K#464

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